Living with COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the U.S., it’s normal to feel anxious about what the virus and COVID-19, the disease it causes, might mean for you and your family.

Fortunately, research has shown that in general, babies with COVID-19 seem to do better compared to people in other age groups, in addition to having more mild symptoms that are similar to what you’d see with the common cold (although the data is limited and recommendations continue to evolve). Still, as the number of COVID-19 cases increases every day, it’s understandable to wonder how you might react — physically or emotionally — if either you or your child were to get the disease.

For some, hearing how other parents have handled the situation may help them feel more informed. Here are personal accounts from some What to Expect community members who have been through the situation themselves. Below, real families share what it’s like to have a case of COVID-19 in their households.

“[My symptoms] started as a dry, sporadic cough. Then suddenly one day fever, body aches, migraine, loss of smell… then went away and cough and shortness of breath came on. Now cough and some tightness in my chest remains.” — GratefulMomof1

“I’m 38 weeks, have a scheduled C-section next week and I’m on day four of coronavirus illness. It’s horrendous. … One minute you feel like you are getting better, then another wave comes and you’ve never felt worse! … However, also just to let you all know that although it’s terrible, I do feel like I will get better. … Baby is quite happy moving around… Fingers crossed over the worst now. I hope everyone takes this seriously and self-isolates.” — bonnieweelass

“I am a nurse at a hospital and was told today that I was exposed to a possible COVID-19 individual. … So, I am at home — isolated — with my 9-year-old who was unknowingly exposed by me. I feel terrible. So, we sit. We wait. We hope for the best. Take care, ladies. If we can survive pregnancy and childbirth, we can survive this virus.” — BlissfulMama

“Unfortunately, being 27 weeks pregnant, I have tested positive, as has my husband. … This is the price of not social distancing. This is how it spread and will make people sick. We have been hunkered down since social distancing has been recommended, but were infected before that was put into place. Please think of others and cancel your parties, showers and other non-essential gatherings. No, you may not know who will get sick or die as a result of your refusal to do so, but that won’t make their death or severe sickness any less real.” — mklein0118

“I tested positive. I’m so worried for my 12-week-old baby girl. I’m pretty sure she has it as well. She’s been coughing and has had low-grade fevers. … I have had nightmares every night. I just want us better. We’re on day six of our mandated lockdown by the health department.” — Bran101

“Another wave of illness came after feeling better for a day or so! Saw another doctor this evening who was just great. … He told me they would be pushing my C-section date possibly a week later and that these waves of feeling better then worse could last two weeks. He says baby is safe and better off inside until I feel better.” — bonnieweelass

“Each day I feel a little better. My cough is getting better. My baby still has a bad cough and sounds so congested. Just praying she gets better each day.” — Bran101

“I am feeling okay. I had a fever of 99.2 º F and coughing, shortness of breath. Now it’s just the cough and my husband has had it way worse. We assumed we might have had it, but having it confirmed is terrifying.” — mklein0118

“I found out today. My 4-year-old seems okay as of now. My husband has body aches, headache, runny nose and a sore throat. I only have a headache.” — virgozena

“The other day I put up a post about a rash. I ended up taking my son to the hospital as he wouldn’t take a bottle. He had a temperature, cough, rash and wouldn’t eat. He was tested and came back positive and we are quarantined now, but I just wanted people to know what to look for as he is only 5 months. We barely took him out during this pandemic but he still caught it. He is slowly improving. … He’s becoming more aware again but also sleeping lots! He is slowly improving but I just wanted people to know what to look out for.” — Michellefxo

Source:, How Are Babies We Know Right Now, March 2020Affected by the Coronavirus? Everything .

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