Super Summer Ideas 2019

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with parenting that you just wanted to give up?

Yeah, me neither…

Over time, I found that if kids get too much free time they start to act out. The summer time is the perfect time for a boredom meltdown if you are not careful.

Your child can can receive emotional nourishment simply by participating in family projects.

Spending time with your precious children this summer will create lifelong memories. Whether you are on a budget or have money to blow this summer, these activities are sure to be a hit with the kids.

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1. Start a Treats StandDior sells treats

Dior meets new people at her treats business.

Treat stands are great for teaching kids business skills.

Summer is a great time to learn lifelong skills. Your child can meet new people in the community by having a treats stand and earn some cash at the same time! She can sell things like bottled water, ice pops, frozen cups, candy, cold juice and chips.

Dior (4 years old) enjoys her summer business.

Help your child determine their target customer by thinking of who would benefit from the treats. This will likely be people walking or exercising or people walking dogs.

(Kid entrepreneur books)

2. Drive a Remote Control Car

Radio controlled toys are great for getting kids playing outdoors, and interacting with other children. Although some toys can be used indoors, many are best used in large open spaces.

Driving radio controlled cars help improve hand and eye coordination. Video games accomplish this as well. However, since radio controlled cars are in the real world they improve those skills even better.

Taking your child out to experiment with their new toy is a perfect way to spend quality time together. Take your car to the beach and you will be sure to have a great day. It’s also possible to find exciting new places to hang out through the use of an RC toy. You’ll find new parks, fields and other open spaces to explore when searching for the perfect place to drive the super fun cars.

3. Play In Some Water

Who doesn’t like to get wet during the summer heat?


We feel so refreshed after splashing around in cool water as the temperature hits the upper 90’s and even the 100’s.

Playing around is fun and relaxing. However, when the water balloons start flying, proceed with caution because no one is safe. This may be one of the most memorable games in your child’s younger years.

4. Go to the Zoo

The various animals at the zoo are a must see for kids. Seeing these life forms so massive and strong creates a lasting memory for any child.

You will spend quality time with your child while visiting the zoo as you conversation about each animal. The animal sounds will be a huge hit for smaller kids as well.

5. Go to the Library

This is one of those this that is a must for small children to experience. From story time sessions to other awesome activities, your child needs this field trip added to your summer line up.

You can also check out books pertaining to your trips and activities on a weekly basis. This teaches a helpful lesson on being responsible as your child will need to return what he checked out timely and in good condition.The library is relaxing and quiet which is a great environment for learning and focusing.

6. Complete a Family Project

Including your kids in on cool family projects such as cooking and gardening is super proactive. Life lessons are being taught in addition to quality time being spent doing the activities together.

Of course age appropriate activities come into play, but there are many parts of a project. There are more than enough responsibilities for every age if you are creative.

Family projects help kids learn many important skills. One is the development of confidence by seeing through a task. Another plus is that these projects help to form strong family bonds. Your child can can receive emotional nourishment simply by participating in family projects.

7. Visit a Fire Station

First responders go out of their way to keep everyone safe. Allowing your child to ask questions about such an important job will help her to figure out how she wants to serve.

The more you give, the more you receive as modeled in a day in the life of a firefighter. Your child will thank you for allowing her to learn about and experience the day to day job duties of fire fighters.

(Kids books about firefighters)

8. Take Music Lessons

Taking music lessons helps to boost kids’ confidence. Prior to mastery, they must be able to accept constructive criticism and overcome any challenges. The added confidence from learning an instrument will be beneficial in all areas of life, not just music.

Recent studies have shown that kids who play an instrument at least once per week receive more academic awards. They also have better grades than those who do not take music lessons.

9. Play in a Muddy Puddle

We often hear about clay or slime but we forget to play in the mud. Your child will love it!

Girl power!

There is only water and sand/dirt to think about versus the various products needed to make slime from scratch. Pop a cup and a hand held shovel in the mix and when it dries up you can even mold into different things. Wrap up muddy play with letting any molded sculptures dry in the sun.

10. Go to the Nail Salon

Going to the nail salon is relaxing. You also gain confidence as you are being pampered knowing the final outcome will be beautiful.

Have a spa day at home to keep your salon quality job looking great. This is another way to form lasting bonds.


Summer break comes and goes quickly. Why not pack it with meaningful activities and memories for years to come?

You want your child to be more confident which is how you ended up here. Well, the majority of these activities are confidence boosters – so get to work planning awesome activities for summer break.

Hopefully, this post gives you some great tips for things to do with your kids.

Comment below with the activities you and your kids have done.


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